¿De que se trata? Es simple: Si estas mucho tiempo en tu cabeza, te pierdes la realidad. En esta pagina web te ofrecemos técnicas para conseguir estar en el AHORA. El Yoga Kundalini te ayudará mucho.

Why Yoga?

The question is, Why not? According to my experience, each person find their own way to disconnect from MIND/THINKING; YOGA means UNION between Body, Mind and Spirit. With Yoga, you can guide all three parts to the same purpose, you choose which one.


This different forms of Energy attracts your attention, Focussing yourself: Surf, the genuine, Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, Paddle Surf and so on, exist for you to practise them and get fit, enjoy, compete, but also become your instruments to DISCONNECT from your mind. Stop only thinking and sincronice all Body Mind Spirit in a single direction.